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The global economy is moving towards a new identity. In order to remain competitive and profitable, the banking and finance.
The global economy is moving towards a new identity. In order to remain competitive and profitable, the banking and finance.
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The global economy is moving towards a new identity. In order to remain competitive and profitable, the banking and finance.
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The global economy is moving towards a new identity. In order to remain competitive and profitable, the banking and finance.

Why You Should Have a Nursing Essay Outline

What is a Nursing Essay?

A nursing essay is a document prepared for either publication or academic purposes like an assignment. Nursing essays can also be prepared for presentation purposes in a professional conference or published as a journal.


Although nursing is a practical profession, it does not exempt nursing applicants and students from writing nursing essays. Writing these essays equips them with the relevant knowledge and skills in research. It also provides an opportunity for the students to demonstrate their understanding of the concept they are writing about. You must be able to write good nursing essays in your coursework. Thereafter, you can move to the practical side of the nursing profession.


Nursing essays involve a plethora of topics, and you are likely to assign you a specific topic. You may be required to write about a topic like; professionalism in nursing, nursing career goals, or the core values in nursing. The other purposes of writing nursing essays can be for the applications to a nursing school or scholarship purposes. Regardless of the purposes of your nursing essays, you should maintain the same format.


Tips on How to Write a Good Nursing Essay

Writing a good nursing essay requires a lot of effort, time, and dedication. However, with the right tips, you can spice up your nursing essay to be as captivating as possible without a hassle. Here are the tips on how to write an exceptional nursing essay.

  • Understand the Assignment

The first step to writing a good nursing essay is to understand the requirements of the assignment. To do this, you need to carefully read the text and essay questions to give you some ideas for your essay. For instance, the essay assignment may require you to discuss, analyze, reflect, etc. The success of your essay will, therefore, depend on your understanding of the essay question properly.


  • Find the Topic of Your Essay

Finding a topic for your nursing essay is necessary if your professor has not assigned you a specific topic to write about. As such, you need to choose it on your own. Nonetheless, make sure the topic you choose for your essay is captivating and corresponds with your ideas, interests, and entirely what you write in the nursing essay.


  • Research on the Topic

Research is a significant part of writing a good nursing essay. As such, do thorough research on the topic you are writing about. Search and gather all the reliable resources from the library, internet, databases, among other places. Read and take note of what is valuable for your essay. Don’t forget to cite the source.


  • Create an Outline

For you to write a good nursing essay, you need to come up with a well-structured outline. An outline will guide you on every step you take, from introduction to conclusion. So, create a list of aspects you intend to write about and classify them. By categorizing your content, you will be able to create a logical and well-thought-out essay.


  • Prepare a Draft

Once you have done all the research and collected enough material and resources, the next step is to write a draft of your nursing essay. The draft will give you a clue of how your nursing essay will look like once finished. As such, it should essentially contain the key points of the nursing essay. With a draft, you will know which section of your nursing essay needs amendments or redrafting.


  • Write in an Academic Style

Without a doubt, a nursing essay is an academic text. Therefore, stick to the conventions that apply to the formatting and style of this kind of writing. The language should be as formal as possible, have specialist terminologies, vocabulary that depicts an academic tone, and feature proper referencing. Besides, make sure you keep an eye on grammar mistakes, punctuation, and spellings.



  • Write the Introduction

The introduction will briefly tell what the essay is all about and how the nursing essay is structured. However, be captivating to capture the attention of the reader and increase the curiosity to read more. Equally, mention the thesis statement and how it is significant to research.


  • Write the Body

A typical nursing essay has at most three-body. However, it depends on the topic. For instance, you can dedicate each paragraph to each concept or classification of your essay topic.


  • Write the Conclusion

Your conclusion should be a summary of the content in the body. While summarizing the main points, try to link them to the thesis statement. That way, you will make your conclusion stronger and inclusive of the introduction and body.


  • Proofread and Edit the Essay

Check the essay content, whether it is easy to read. Ensure it connects well with all the parts of your nursing essay with a flawless transition from one paragraph to another. Also, ensure that the sentences sound logical and make sense. Correct all the grammar mistakes, punctuation, and sentence structure errors to make the easy coherence. More importantly, make sure the format and structure of the essay are on point.

When writing your nursing essay, you must start by crafting an outline. That way, you will be able to gather your thoughts to write concise and coherent content. Your ideas will generally flow logically while the topic sentences in the body paragraphs will come out clearly. But why should you have a nursing essay outline?

  • Greater, Better Focus

The outline of your nursing essay works to pull out your thoughts and highlighting them in a manner that signals back to the essay’s thesis statement. It can also bring you back on track should you tend to foe off track. Essentially, the outline helps you maintain focus and not veer off to unrelated topics, ideas, or concepts.

  • Smoother Transitions

Transition phrases and words between paragraphs are vital. They help capture the reader’s attention. It also coherently connects the essay paragraphs. If you leave the reader wondering how they moved from one point to another, then you have missed the opportunity for a catchy transition.

However, with a well-devised outline, you see whether your transitions are coherent and flow smoothly, and your entire essay follows a logical direction.

  • Maximum Order of Content

Focus together with the smooth transitions, bring us to the order of things. Professors and instructors across the world have different feelings about how an essay flows. Most have concluded that first state the strongest argument, then followed by less-impacting ideas or remarks.

An outline comes in handy as it helps you see whether you have presented your essay facts in the best order of impact.

  • More Concise Writing

The outline helps you to achieve one of the most important goals of writing; conciseness. Using several words when two will do never does you any good. By keeping the clarity, you will deliver the message to the reader instead of keeping it buried under a heap of pointless words and divergent discussion topics.

  • Improved Organization

An outline is an organizational tool that helps you organize your nursing essay better. Have you covered everything you intended to write? Did you practically approach your argument? Are your arguments strong or compelling? The outline can help you figure out all these questions and see that the essay attends to each of them.

  • Brings about Completeness

An outline makes it much easier to review your nursing essay for any gaping holes. Since it is difficult to go through the whole document to pinpoint the different gaps. You can scan through the topics and subtopics to ensure you have covered all that you needed to.

Writing Plan

With an outline, you can easily craft and writing a plan. Besides, you can test the ideas that work better together and the best examples that support these topics. You can also move the information around and find out the gaps in logic and experiment before committing to writing a full drat. Better yet, an outline allows you to visualize whether the introduction, body, and conclusion have enough information.


Although an outline may seem and extra work for most students, in reality, it makes the entire process of essay writing less and manageable. Your essay thoughts and ideas will flow freely in a logical and organized manner. Better yet, if done thoughtfully, a great outline will ease the editing procedure. Therefore, don’t underestimate the importance of the outline of your nursing essay writing.

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Developing a Nursing Essay Structure

Developing a simple structure for your nursing essay before you start writing can save you considerable time and prevent you from veering off track. Whereas there is no fixed way of structuring your nursing essay, it is necessary to note that structuring your nursing essay is as important as having the right topic and relevant information backed within the text.

Structuring an essay has always had to do with designing ideas and concepts, in a way, that readers move from one to the next minus getting confused. The structure provides you with guidance on how to present your ideas in an orderly manner. As such, the structure makes your essay come out as organized and more appealing.

The structure serves to improve the readability score of your essay. Students used various essay structuring styles to score higher marks on readability. Imagine packing up the white with several words without taking into consideration whether it looks well-ordered or not.

Poorly structured nursing essays do not portray the writer’s promise of delivering clear, ordered, and easy-to-understand arguments. For that reason, the reader gets confused. This is because, it would be difficult to differentiate between the start and the end of the sentence, the order of paragraphs, and even the start or finish of the essay.

The structure also helps in answering the three main questions of what, why, and how of the essay. Expert essay writers know that a good nursing essay should present an argument based on experience, observation, imagination, or experimentation. And this often comes after the introduction to answer the ‘What’ question. When writing this section, be sure to keep it short, as the preceding parts will support it in a detailed manner.

The ‘How’ question usually helps the readers to further understand how the essay structure is developing. If you are looking for nursing essay writing help, you should put a strong emphasis on this part since it involves most of the details that explain the ‘What’ section. Under the ‘what’ question, you will present arguments, as well as counterarguments to expand the thesis or thematic aspect of your essay. You will also answer several other questions that might be on your readers’ minds.

The ‘why’ question section is supposed to resolve issues in your essay. Letting your readers know what is at stake, and if your interpretation of the thesis is satisfactory, this part of the essay explains both the concept and the approach to answering vital questions in the essay. A nursing essay without this section often comes out as pointless and leaves the readers in suspense.

Without a doubt, the structure of a nursing essay plays many significant roles in the realization of your nursing essay goals. The structure refers to how you present and argue your points when writing and, more importantly, letting readers know that there is an order to follow. Granted, let’s see the kind of structure the nursing essay takes:

Nursing Essay Introduction

The primary goal of the introduction part in an academic essay like a nursing essay is to present your essay topic to your target reader and provide enough background information about the theme. In your essay introduction, provide the rationale behind your essay and show the importance of the nursing discipline.

Moreover, design your introduction to raise the readers’ interest in reading the essay while capturing their attention. For that purpose, it is important to hook the reader to your nursing essay in the form of a question, a quote from a famous professional in the nursing field, or surprising statistical data. Additionally, try to make your introduction as concise yet informative.

The last sentence of your introduction should be the thesis statement of your nursing essay. Essentially, the thesis statement is the main part of any academic essay like nursing since it presents the position you have concerning the topic.  Besides, it provides a summary of the main points of the nursing essay. Therefore, it is important to make your thesis statement to capture the basis of furthering your argument. An effective thesis statement is one that answers the question of the essay directly or makes a claim that may dispute.

Nursing Essay Body

The essay body is perhaps the most significant part of the entire essay since the thesis statement in the introduction doesn’t work unless justified with strong arguments that are sufficiently supported.

This section of your nursing essay demonstrates the successive development of your ideas. As such, it is important to ensure each idea, concept, or issue you discuss appears in a separate paragraph. Moreover, each section should contain a topic sentence that presents your opinion concerning the issue, discussion, and evidence for support.

On the other hand, the concluding statements should clarify if the subsequent analysis refuted or prove your argument. However, it is important not to use irrelevant information for the sake of meeting the word count as the quality of your essay will substantially decrease.

Make sure your argument is supported sufficiently with the relevant materials and sources. The in-text citation should be well-done as per the format required. All the sources must, thereafter, be listed on the reference page in alphabetical order.

Nursing Essay Conclusion

Your nursing essay should have a strong conclusion that restates the thesis statement. It should also summarize the main arguments as revealed in the main body while giving further recommendations regarding your topic. Exceptionally framing your conclusion makes your work look more appealing to the reader.

The main purpose of the conclusion in your nursing essay is to summarize the outcome and all the other findings. It should also reflect upon their significance in the nursing field. However, the findings presented should relate to the thesis statement and the main issues discussed in the body.

Moreover, the conclusion should be taken as the last opportunity to convince the reader that your essay is authentic, original, relevant, valid, and strong. It is such an essay that will earn them good grades.

However, you are not allowed to introduce new ideas or concepts in the conclusion section. This is because the conclusion is based on the argumentation presented in the main body of your essay. Therefore, you have to concentrate your summary on the key points of the nursing essay.

Some Nursing Essay Tips You Should Observe

The following are some of the essential nursing essay tips you should observe when writing your essays:

  • Write Clearly and Concisely

It is vital to use plain English so that the reader will understand whatever you are going to say. Don’t think that the content you are writing is more important than how you express it. When writing your nursing essay, you are demonstrating to professors or tutors the clarity of your thought and ability to express an argument. Therefore, if you can make your points clear, you will lose both readers and marks.

Wide reading of well-written nursing journals, magazines, and national newspapers will help you sharpen your sentences and arguments at large.

  • Keep it Short

To write clearly, you must keep your words, sentences, and paragraphs short. Cut out anything that doesn’t add meaning to your arguments. If you are trying to say two things in a sentence, or argue two concepts or ideas in a paragraph, break them up. That way, the reader will be able to understand without a hassle.

  • Keep Away Repetition

One sure way of cutting down the long sentences and paragraphs is to avoid repetition. Some writers repeat a lot, but it is often unnecessary when you have explained an idea clearly for the first time. So, the second time you refer to something, simply put in a reference to it.

  • Read Widely

Reading widely on your essay topic will help you have a good understanding of the topic, and the more you understand, the easier it will be to write about it. As such, research widely on the topic you want to write about, gather sufficient material and resources before you start the actual writing. Moreover, reading wide enables you to write your essay with the authority and confidence an academic paper requires.

  • Craft a Plan and Stick to It

When writing your nursing essay, you can take the shortest time possible and come up with a winning essay. That is only possible if you have a plan at hand and you are strictly working by it. Before you start writing your essay, have a clear plan on what you will include and how you will do it.

Make a list of all possible requirements and an outline. Write with the guidance of the outline. That way, you will have a clear order on how you write your nursing essay, from researching for materials to editing and proofreading your final draft.

  • Use Active Verbs

Active verbs work to make your nursing essay stronger as opposed to passive verbs. Use active verbs in your essay or any other academic writing since it makes the work strong and cleaner. Besides, it makes the sentences shorter, thereby increasing the quality of your nursing essay.

  • Don’t Plagiarize

Plagiarism is a crime in academic circles. Avoid it as much as you can. To write a plagiarism-free nursing essay reading widely and gather the relevant resources, and cite all the borrowed information. Your professor or tutor knows far more enough to spot plagiarized or uncited work. So, paraphrase your content to make it original instead of copy and paste.

Should you need help with writing your nursing essay, we are here to help. Call us now and let our nursing expert writers handle it.

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