Here at, we are controlled by privacy and confidentiality standards in dealing with students as our customers. The privacy policy for carries the procedures that govern the clients’ data and confidential information collected from them. The information is collected in two different ways, first, from people who use our website to seek nursing writing help services and visitors who frequently visit our website. Essay Writing Guarantees

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Collection of information from browsing website is automatically set to collect information from various sources to help in improving your experience, and when information gets collected, it is usually sent to our website server.

It’s wise to note that the collected information revolves around the type of browser, access time, and the operational system. Additionally, the site does not perform analytical research on individual identity or what type of browser you are using.

It’s essential to note that the information collected by the server is crucial and helps us improve essay writing services and promote how to deliver valuable and quality services to our clients. Lastly, is not an agent that collects, disseminates, and sells personal information.

Details collected when using services.

In contacting our support department, all clients are asked to provide some personal information, including the name, contact details, email address, and Location. Additionally, registered clients need to log in to our website by providing confidential information relating to their school, phone number, and email address.

Kindly note that the information provided is not investigative in any way on your data, but instead, it is essential for us in improving our service delivery to our customers. Just note that we use your phone numbers and email addresses only to communicate the order progress and address raised concerns during the order processing process.

Customers information is collected using SSL, which proves that the data is treated with privacy in all transactions. For example, when you place an order for essay writing help, the payment is processed using PayPal; this makes the process more secure and confidential.

Us data protection notice

Different from other non-reputable companies plying their trade over the internet, we don’t share any information that we receive from you together with other data with other companies.

Note that we use the information you send to us for customer services, administration, profiling, purchasing references, and marketing. We promise that the marketing emails we send will not exceed four per month, and we provide you with the ability to stop receiving these marketing communications at any time.

Just note that if you share information about someone else with us, we assume that the other party has permitted you to avail it for us to process their data, including the most sensitive.  Additionally, we also assume that you have informed them about us and informed them of the purpose for which their data is indicated in this notice.

You have a right to request a copy of your information, for which reserves the right to charge a minimal fee and correct any inaccuracies.

How do we use your personal information?

Your data is only for the purposes we state when collecting it or those you can reasonably anticipate. Additionally, we use the information for the purpose that you gave us your consent. After that, we will not contact you or share this information with any other party or company completely.

We are committed to treating your data with all due care and by the data protection principles. Also, it’s essential to know that our privacy policy is confidential by far than that of many other companies that often reserve a right to pass your details to third parties for marketing.

Links to other websites

It’s important to know that our website contains links to other sites. is not responsible for these sites’ security and privacy unless we have a contractual association with them. This privacy policy applies to our site. If you are unsure about the functioning of a site claiming to have a partnership with us, call us or send an email to our inquiries email address.

If you have any questions on handling data, please send us an email or live to chat with us. If you have a question requiring detailed answers, please email it to our inquiries address and mark it for the attention of the legal department.

Use of cookies

These are text files that help our server to identify your computer through an IP address. You can set your computer to accept all the cookies and also notify you when we issue a cookie or even block cookie at all times; all these settings can be done using your internet browser.

Complaints is transparent and open to all students, and we are ready to address any complaints, concerns, or queries that our clients may have. This information is crucial to our support team in understanding how we are providing our writing services. If clients complain, it implies we have an area to improve.

Therefore, the information is relevant because it keeps us on our toes in improving quality service delivery. When you send queries, concerns, or comments to our support team, we handle them with respect and confidentiality.

We recognize our customers’ critical role when they request more from,  and we work to protect their interests in return. We advise you direct questions and complaints to the support department through the company email.

Lastly, we are always ready and waiting to offer the much-required information. do not provide lengthy explanations or information but rather what is crucial and available for our clients.